Although the territory of the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam is small, the area within its boundaries set aside for nature preserves and recreational parks is relatively vast. Winding through most if not all of these landmarks are hiking and walking trails. Each trail offers a unique experience inspired by the extraordinary landscapes of insular Southeast Asia and, in particular, of Borneo. For both Bruneians and their international guests, finding the way to the country’s most precious resource and invaluable experiential souvenirs can be difficult. It just may be that no matter where we are in the world, locating a trail head is the most difficult aspect of any hike. Through this website we try our best to remove this obstacle via simple and direct presentation. Each trail has a separate webpage where you will find road maps, photographs of entrances to parks or preserves, photographs of trail heads, trail maps, and brief descriptions of selected trail characteristics. Our goal is to make the transition from indoors to outdoors as easy as possible so that you do not miss the pleasure, adventure and exercise to be had along Brunei’s Trails.


BruneiTrails.com is also a virtual platform promoting appreciation for outdoor recreation, natural and cultural heritage, healthy life styles, (inter)national trail ethos and the peripatetic sense of place. We aspire to become a forum where information and ideas can be exchanged among trail enthusiasts, researchers and scholars, and potential public and private stakeholders eager to develop a trail culture in Brunei, a country steeped in a tradition of public service whose ambitious public administrators, managers and staff continue to shape, preserve and promote the country’s enchanting landscapes and places. We believe this exchange can lead to collaborative projects that would support Brunei’s drive towards economic diversification and environmental sustainability, both cornerstones of Wawasan 2035. Already, novel ideas and tried-and-true formulas are afoot among the most enthusiastic of Brunei-Trail followers. Here are a few.


• Develop long-distance circuit trails, with primitive campsites, up and over Mount Pagon and Bukit Batu.


• Design a great mosque circuit trail connecting Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque—Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque—Masjid Kampong Tamoi; and a great tree trail in the garden of Bandar Seri Begawan.


• Manufacture and place certified trail markers, interpretative plaques and signage.


• Produce maps, trail guides, Brunei-Trails souvenirs.


• Propose workshops for community planning and development of trails.


• Introduce a caretaker programme e.g., ‘adopt a trail’ initiative.


• Train undergraduate and graduate students at Universiti Brunei Darussalam in the art and science of trail research and development.


• Establish walking/hiking clubs for children and young adults.


The creation and maintenance of BruneiTrails.com is made possible by generous financial support and gentle encouragement from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Advertising revenue will go to subsidizing the upkeep of this website, and to research on and development of trails in Brunei.


Special thanks to students and staff in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and to: Dyg Noor Aziemah bte Awg Ahmad for designing the perfect logo; to Izzati Aqilah Hj Abd. Kadir, Nur Nazurah Syahirah Hj Morni and Mazlinawati Hj Matzin for furnishing the unforgettable music; Paige Ling Ling Peck Ching, DK Hj Nur Faizah PG Hj Damit and Siti Nuraqilah Alimas for describing trails and shaping a fine chop; and, to NYNeish Books, Arts and Crafts for their generous support.


Contact information:

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